Monastery Koutloumousiou

original monastery was built before the 12th century

Koutloumousiou Monastery

Koutloumous monastery buildings are set in a rectangular shape with a rather vast courtyard, with the central church (Katholicon) in its center. The refectory is presently built a new (1995), while the central church, built in the 16th century, is covered with five domes and with a glass covered exonarthex.

The original monastery was built before the 12th century but in the 14th century, abbot Chariton of Imvros, receded to the enlargement of the monastery; during its lifetime vast destruction were caused either by fire or by fall of rocks

Apart from the Katholicon frescoes dated in the mid 16th century, Koutloumousiou monastery possesses more than 600 manuscripts, many of which are illuminated, as well as imporant historic archive and a large number of old printed books.


Photo Credits :  Wikipedia

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