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Activities and Things to do in the area

Romantic Sunset Cruise - Albatros

Romantic Sunset Cruise – Albatros

Feel the absolute tranquility, while swimming in the sun-reflecting golden waters.

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Ammouliani, Drenia Cruise - Albatros

Ammouliani, Drenia Cruise – Albatros

During the circumnavigation of the island you will see the land of Ammouliani and we will make plenty of stops so you can enjoy your swim at the most exotic beaches!

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Vourvourou Cruise - Albatros

Vourvourou Cruise – Albatros

The Vourvourou islands are located in the Sithonia peninsula and constitute a secret heaven on earth, right here in Halkidiki!

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Mount Athos Cruise Albatros

Mount Athos Cruise – Albatros

This cruise constitutes a unique experience, both for men and women, because a cruise would be the only way the latter can approach and admire the Mt. Athos monasteries in close proximity.

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Cruise - Ouranoupolis to Vourvourou, Ammouliani

Cruise – Ouranoupolis to Vourvourou, Ammouliani

The cruise for swimming and fun departs from Ouranoupolis at 10:00 in the morning with the “Ioanna” boat. Every Monday and Thursday from the 15th of April until the 15th of October.

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Cruise - Ouranoupolis to Mount Athos

Cruise – Ouranoupolis to Mount Athos

Ouranoupolis is located just before the border with Mount Athos, where one can only access by boat through the sea. Our cruise to Mount Athos heads to the southwest side of the Athos peninsula.

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Parasailing Ouranoupoli Halkidiki Greece


If playing in the sea waves is not enough for you and you want to live a real experience, then you can fly high with the parasailing. Alone or with friends you can almost touch the sky reaching 80 meters high!

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Boat Rentals Ouranoupoli Halkidiki Greece

Rent a boat

Explore the crystal waters of Ammouliani and the surrounding islands and enjoy a unique holiday experience by boat.

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Overlooking the bay of Mount Athos

Walking – Overlooking the bay

Walk from the port of Tripiti and Alexandros Palace Hotel & Suites to the ridge across the bay of Agion Oros, admiring the amazing scenery: the blue of the sea and the sky, Athos

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Borderline to Athos - Pilgrimage route

Walking – pilgrimage route

This route from the Komitsa beach to Ouranoupoli and back, follows a pathway across the borders separating the Holy Community of Mount Athos from the rest of Greece

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Borderline to Athos - Archaeological route

Walking – archaeological route

From the 14th Century Byzantine Tower of Prosforios of Ouranoupoli, this route leads to the borders of the monastic state, across the coastal road to the Zygos Monastery

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Blue Lagoon Round Tour – Sithonia’s Beaches

Blue Lagoon Round Tour – Sithonia’s Beaches

Depart from Ouranoupoli port and we sail around the turquoise waters of Sithonia.

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