A weekender’s guide to Ouranoupoli Halkidiki

A weekender's guide to Ouranoupoli Halkidiki

Find out everything you need to know for your trip to Ouranoupoli. Here is a guide for a weekend trip to the best hotels, restaurants

Find out everything you need to know for your trip to Ouranoupoli. Here is a guide for a weekend trip to the best hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions.

Ouranoupoli is a gorgeous village in Halkidiki. It is at the easternmost peninsula of Athos. It is the last settlement before the entrance to the monastic state of Mount Athos.

The village was an ancient city, and its name literally means Sky City. Which suits perfectly this heavenly little village with the gorgeous turquoise sea, golden sandy beaches, wonderful green forests, and beautiful traditional Greek architecture.

Ouranoupoli might be just a tiny village, but it is worth a trip to experience classical and traditional Greek lifestyle. For those wishing to enjoy a short time to Ouranoupoli while exploring the many fantastic destinations of Halkidiki, here is a guide for a weekend trip.

Where to stay

Ouranoupolis Princess:
A newly built hotel at the graphic fishing village’s entrance and Mount Athos’s roots.

Konaki Hotel:
A bed and breakfast hotel just minutes away from Mount Athos is all about comfort and rest.

Hotel Makedonia:
It is right in the village’s heart and offers terrific views of the sea.

What to eat

As a fishing village, you must taste the delicious seafood of the area. The village has excellent restaurants of authentic Greek cuisine serving fresh fish and seafood.

A must dish is local mussels from nearby farms. Especially, consider trying mussels risotto and mussels saganaki.

Additionally, all over the village, you will be able to find other delicious Greek food and fast food such as gyros and souvlaki. They might be fast food, but you won’t find such delicious fast food anywhere in the world.

What to do

Visit the Tower of Ouranoupoli: the tower has been standing tall by Ouranoupoli’s beach since the 14th century. It has a rich history, and it is of great importance for the area.

Nowadays, it is part of the Greek Ministry of Culture. Its location at this marvelous village and beach attracts thousands of visitors.

Visit the Zygou Monastery: the monastery is one of the oldest on Mount Athos. It was first established in the 10th century. However, for unknown reasons, it had been abandoned in the 12th century.

Nowadays, it is right before the monastic state’s entrance, and its ruins can be visited and awed by visitors and travellers.

Go for a Mount Athos Cruise: Several cruises run about Ouranoupoli offering fantastic views of the sea, the village, and Mount Athos in general.

By taking a cruise, you will definitely leave Ouranoupoli with unforgettable memories.

Go for a walk/hike: Much like the rest of Halkidiki, Ouranoupoli’s area has excellent trails to admire the sea, nature, and Greece’s countryside. Exceptionally extraordinary would be walking the pathway across the borders separating the monastic state from Greece.

Go for a swim: Ouranoupoli certainly has some beautiful beaches to simply relax and enjoy the hot sun of Greece.

The village has crystal clear turquoise waters and beautiful long golden sandy beaches with Mount Athos as their view.

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