Autumn Holidays in Ouranoupolis

Autumn Holidays in Ouranoupolis

Create memories in Greece by visiting Ouranoupolis in fall. Now Halkidiki looks at its best & offers alternative ways of enjoyment.

Create memories in Greece by visiting Ouranoupolis in fall. Now that the tourists are gone, Halkidiki looks at its best & offers alternative ways of enjoyment.

Autumn Holidays in Ouranoupolis

Ouranoupolis remains vibrant even when all the summer tourists are long gone. This gracious part of Halkidiki – so close to Mount Athos but also to a large number of islets, Stagira, and beautiful beaches is a great destination for a trip in Halkidiki in autumn. The golden colors of fall make you feel melancholic at the end of the day. And the busy days of September make you forget the lovely moments of the summer.

But this is perhaps the best season to visit Ouranoupolis and create new memories. And here are the reasons why.

The weather in Ouranoupolis is great

The climate in Greece is mild most months of the year. A journey in Ouranoupolis in autumn won’t require heavy jackets, but neither hats that can protect you from the intense heat in the summer.

The weather is warm enough to allow you to enjoy several activities in Ouranoupolis without suffering from the heat but neither dragging a huge suitcase full of sweaters with you.

There are plenty of things to do in Ouranoupolis this season

The weather in Ouranoupolis in autumn is perfect for walking and hiking. And there are several routes you can take to get acquainted with the nearby area. From Tripiti, you can enjoy the view of Ammouliani. You can pay a visit to the 14th c. Byzantine Tower of Prosforios and walk the coastline all the way to the Zygos Monastery. Alternatively, you can walk the borderline to Athos to the other side of this peninsula of Halkidiki and reach the Komitsa beach.

There are still boats that can take you to a day cruise around Mount Athos or the Drenia Islands. The days might be shorter in autumn than in the summer, but the sea is still pretty warm if you want to dive and calm enough if you like fishing.

The points of interests change with the season

Autumn is the harvest season in Halkidiki. And this may be luring to those who would love to learn more or witness the harvesting of grapes and olives. Or taste the local products. Not only do the locals make great wine but use the grape extracts to make tsipouro and serve some of the finest table olives and olive oil too.

You can’t miss the chance to visit Ouranoupolis in autumn and book your room at Hotel Makedonia !


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