Greek delicacies you should eat while you are in Greece

Greek delicacies you should eat while you are in Greece

Greek cuisine is quite diverse thanks to fertile fields and the favorable climate.

Greek cuisine is quite diverse thanks to fertile fields and the favorable climate.

Yet, the inventiveness of the Greek people is another great contributor to its excellence. Greek olives and olive oil are just two products that celebrated Greece throughout the world.

Yet, there are other products that aren’t so famed, but are nothing less outstanding. What we have in mind are Greek delicacies you should eat while enjoying your time in Greece.


Koulouri is a favorite breakfast and snack to many Greeks. An oval pastry sprinkled with sesame may comprise any of a variety of fillings. Chocolate, grains and cheese are some fillings of this healthy snack, which is rich with proteins and carbohydrates.

You will find Koulouri (plural Koulouria) at street stalls and bakeries.

Yogurt with honey

Yogurt with honey (Yiaourti Me Meli) is another extraordinary Greek delicacy. Highly nutritious, this tasty sweet passes as breakfast and dinner among the Greeks. Besides the obvious ingredients, the specialty may comprise nuts and cinnamon. Sometimes, pistachios substitute walnuts.

All in all, Yogurt with honey is a must-try delicacy of Greek cuisine.


Kataifi is an extraordinary sweet with quite an interesting appearance. It is a puffy delicacy featuring thread-like dough, filled with nuts and bathed in lemon syrup. Albeit Kataifi is small, it is so sweet that a few pieces are sure to satisfy you. The specialty seems to melt in your mouth while you eat it.


Greek Apple Pie is another traditional delicacy of Greece. The pie is usually enjoyed for breakfast. Milopita’s main components are moist dough, pieces of apple, cinnamon and cardamom.

Greek Halvas

Halvas, which is a mix of cocoa and vanilla, is a specialty ideal for breakfast and for dessert. You’ll recognize Halvas by its contrasting colors.

The delicacy may include components such as raisins, peanuts, almonds and so on. Halvas can feature different flavors, too.

Other noteworthy Greek delicacies

These several delicacies of Greece are only to get you started with. Among others, you should try Loukoumades, Pasteli, Amygdalota, Baklava, Feta (Cheese) with honey and Galaktoboureko.

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