How to get to Ouranoupoli, Mount Athos, by car?

How to get to Ouranoupoli and Mount Athos, by car?

Arriving in Ouranoupoli, the Mount Athos Peninsula, Halkidiki, by car is simple when you travel via the Balkans.

Arriving in Ouranoupoli, the Mount Athos Peninsula, Halkidiki, by car is simple when you travel via the Balkans.

An excellent road network connects the holiday resort to Serbia, FYROM, Bulgaria, Turkey and other regions of Greece. From whichever country you travel to the “City of Heaven,” you will most probably pass either through Thessaloniki, Serres or Kavala. Now, let’s see what roads you should take to complete the journey in the shortest time.

Traveling to Ouranoupoli via Serbia, FYROM and Greece

Drive along the E75 route that traverses Serbia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Greece in the straight line all the way to Thessaloniki.

When you are near the second major Greek city, follow the signs that lead to Halkidiki.

To avoid congestion in the city, take Ring Road that encircles Thessaloniki. Afterwards, take the road 2 toward Stavros. From then on, head southward along the route taking you through Olympiada, Stratoni and Ierissos to Ouranoupoli.

The shortest route from Bulgaria to Ouranoupolis

From Sofia, the Bulgarian capital, drive first along the A3 road to Blagoevgrad.

There, join the road 1 and pass by Sandanski on your way to the national border between Bulgaria and Greece (Kulata/Promachonas). As you enter Greece, take the road 25 to Serres.

On your way from Serres to Ouranoupoli and Mount Athos, you will pass Skoutari, Limni and Rentina settlements before arriving in Stavros.

From then on, follow the coast to Ierissos, from where you will be a short drive to the Ouranoupoli resort.

A road to Ouranoupoli, Mount Athos, from Turkey

Drive along the road of E90 as you cross the national border between Greece and Turkey.

On your way to Kavala, you will get near the towns of Alexandroupoli and Xanthi.

After Kavala, proceed to Asprovalta and Vrasna along the Egnatia Odos motorway and there turn southward toward Stavros.

The rest of the way to Ouranoupoli takes you along the coast of the Strymonian Gulf.

Some settlements you will pass as you travel southward are Olympiada, Stratoni, Ierissos and Nea Roda.

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