Most Unique Religious Places in the World

Most Unique Religious Places in the World

Have you ever desired to be in a place full of serenity and holiness? Check out the most sacred and unique religious place in the world

Have you ever desired to be in a place full of serenity and holiness? Check out the most sacred and unique religious place in the world for a divine experience.

The world is full of wonders. Both natural and human-made. From history we can see the creativity of humans. But also their devotion to the divine. From the beginning of civilisations, humans believed in the divine, in heavenly beings and deities. After all, till today we all want to believe and to have hope, so naturally, we tend to seek help from a divine being.

Nowadays, it is easy to find a private place to connect with the divine. But I’m sure you would feel more in peace and in awe when visiting a unique and sacred religious place. There are several amazing unique religious places around the world from different cultures, nations and religions.

Let’s have a look at three of the most unique sacred places in the world.

Mt Athos, Halkidiki, Greece:

Mount Athos is one of the most important centres of the Orthodox Christian world, consisting of more than 20 monasteries and approximately 2,000 monks. Located on the third leg of Halkidiki, it is home to the oldest surviving monastic community on Earth.

The way of life for the monks is practically unchanged since the first monks arrived in the ninth century. Most of the monks live within the walls of their chosen monastery, but others choose to live in complete isolation, away from any distractions.

Boudhanath Stupa, Kathmandu, Nepal:

Boudhanath Stupa is designed with levels that symbolize enlightenment. The bottom plinth represents earth, the dome represents water, the tower represents fire, and the top spire represents air.

All-seeing eyes mark the tower on each side, representing Buddha’s all-knowing gaze. It is a popular pilgrimage site for Tibetan Buddhists.

Uluru, Australia:

Uluru aka Ayers Rock, or Big Red Rock is an iconic Australian landmark. However, for the native Anangu Aboriginals it is a sacred place. They believe that Uluru and its surrounding area was created by their ancestors and that their spirits continue to inhabit the land today.

In light of this cultural significance, the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park Board of Management voted in 2017 to ban visitors from climbing onto the rock in respect to the Aboriginals culture and religion.

Western Wall, Israel:

The limestone structure has been a place of worship since the 11th century, as the closest place to Temple Mount, the place God created man. It’s common practice for visitors to write their prayers, hopes, and wishes on slips of paper, then slide them into the cracks of the walls.

The memos are collected throughout the year, before being buried in a Jewish cemetery on the nearby Mount of Olives.

Mecca, Saudi Arabia:

As the birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad and the religion he founded, Mecca is the centre of the Islamic world. Mecca is an oasis in the sacred region known as the Hijaz or Hejaz.

The Kaaba is here, a cuboid building within Islam’s most sacred mosque Al-Masjid al-Haram, which all Muslims are expected to face when praying.


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