Religious Traveling in Greece

Religious Traveling in Greece

There’s a reason why Greece is the ultimate destination for religious. The strong devotion to Orthodox Christianity is portrayed everywhere.

There’s a reason why Greece is the ultimate destination for religious travelers. The strong devotion to Orthodox Christianity is portrayed everywhere.

Religious Traveling in Greece

Religious tourism has deep roots. It goes back centuries since people have the need to connect with the divine and the curiosity to discover the unique features of different religions. It’s no wonder that Greece is the ultimate destination for religious traveling.

The Greek Orthodox religion is strong and imbued in people’s everyday life. This is highlighted by the plethora of monasteries, chapels, churches, and monuments and so, a testament of the great Christian faith. One religious trip to Greece is never enough.

Mt. Athos underlines the devotion to Christianity

Mt. Athos is the epitome of Christian faith. This sacred community near Ouranoupolis in Halkidiki is a monastic state with 20 large monasteries and many cells, cloisters, and hermitages. Also known as the Holy Mountain, Mt. Athos consists of men’s monasteries only.

Women are prohibited to enter – a principle known as avaton, which goes back in ages and demonstrates the monks’ attempts to avoid any temptation and enhance their spirituality.

Other places religious travelers visit in Greece

Religious visitors will find impressive monasteries, byzantine icons, and incredible churches all over Greece.

  • Patmos is the Greek island where John the Apostle wrote the Book of Revelation and naturally receives a large stream of visitors who visit the Cave of the Apocalypse.
  • The island of Tinos is swamped with people every year on the 15th of August when the Dormition of the Virgin Mary is celebrated. The visitors pilgrimage the miraculous icon of Virgin Mary at the Panagia Evangelistria church making their way to the church on their knees to show their devotion.

These are only two examples of the numerous churches and monasteries in Greece. From Thessaloniki and Athens to Halkidiki and Paros, there’s no place in Greece that doesn’t reveal the devotion of the people to their faith, spirituality, and religion.

What makes a religious journey in Greece even more interesting is the excellent architecture of all monasteries and churches, but also the incredible landscapes surrounding these constructions.

Just visit Meteora to stay in awe before the breathtaking geology that makes you wonder about the measure of faith and devotion when the monasteries were built.

Just take a sailing cruise around Mt. Athos and see how the monasteries cling to the sides of the cliff marking the presence of spiritualism and the extent of Christianity to the utmost.

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