The Best Reasons for choosing Ouranoupoli for a Summer Holiday

The Best Reasons for Choosing Ouranoupoli

Ouranoupoli is a resort in Halkidiki, Northern Greece. It features a great location next to the beautiful Aegean Sea. The area around the resort boasts lush greenery while gorgeous beaches line the coastline. More so, the resort is at the threshold of Mount Athos and within a short ride from some other interesting attractions. More so, unmatched hospitality of the Greeks and exquisite local cuisine are other assets of this destination.

Beaches of Ouranoupoli

The Ouranoupoli resort prides on its first-class beach. It is a long, organized sandy beach featuring tourist facilities. The crystal-clear waters are ideal for snorkeling. While walking the beach, you can see Mount Athos to the south, Sithonia and Ammouliani Island to the west and Central Halkidiki to the north.

Other gorgeous beaches, featuring the attractive environment, aren’t far away. Hence, having a car here is a big plus.

Historic places near the resort

Mount Athos, or the Holy Mountain, offers the most extraordinary sightseeing experience in the region. The Monastic Republic is off limits to ladies, but a cruise around the peninsula is among the highlights to many travelers. A legend states that the peninsula was home to Greek deity Apollo before becoming the Virgin’s favorite garden. And by the looks of its imposing cliffs, it may well be so. While cruising, have cameras at the ready to capture magnificent Orthodox Christian monasteries. You can see them by the coast and crowning the cliffs of the Athos peninsula.

Ancient Stagira used to be a settlement on the east coast of Halkidiki. The archaeological site reveals ancient fortifications, which overlook the Aegean Sea and wooded hills in the distance. Not far away, the village of Stagira was home to famous Aristotle. There, you can learn and entertain yourself in Aristotle’s Park.

Unforgettable dining

The Greek cuisine grants great dining experience. Whether you grab fast food or relax at a resort’s restaurant, traditional dishes prepared with utmost passion will delight you. So, leave your dietary habits at home and let yourself be carried away by Greek specialties prepared at the resort’s reputable restaurants.

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