What NOT to Eat before Flying

What NOT to Eat before Flying

Enjoy your vacation in Halkidiki. Get ready to make sacrifices to minimize bloating & discomfort when traveling.

Enjoy your vacation in Halkidiki by knowing which foods to avoid before flying. Get ready to make sacrifices to minimize bloating & discomfort when traveling.

What NOT to Eat before Flying

Catching the morning flight to Greece? Pre-flight stress is enough to make you feel ill. Why risk repeated trips to the plane’s lavatory by eating the wrong things before your flight? A juicy burger sounds like a good way to start your vacations, but be patient until you arrive at your destination.

Going to Ouranoupolis in Halkidiki? Planning to book a sailing cruise to Sithonia? If you are disciplined tonight, you will be lying on a beautiful beach tomorrow without stomachaches and with plenty of opportunities of trying out special local products. Why risk it?

Check out what NOT to eat before flying.

  • Greasy burgers washed down with a couple of beers might be your idea of a good dinner. But both alcohol and fast food are banned from your pre-flight dinner list. Saturated fats are hard to digest in the first place, imagine how you’ll feel when squeezed in a small airplane seat at 35K feet. Avoid pizzas, burgers, bacon, and anything unhealthy that will make you feel swollen and prevent proper blood circulation. Avoid booze too – at least in large amounts before or during the flight. Seeping a couple of cocktails the night before or during the flight is a way of relaxing and saying hello to your summer vacations. But alcohol will make you feel dehydrated and that’s the last thing you want on board.
  • Junk food is not the only food banned from your dinner catalog. Broccoli, cauliflower, beans, lentils, cabbage, and similar healthy foods are also a no, no. Unless you don’t mind feeling like a balloon when traveling. These foods will make you feel swollen – an unpleasant feeling which only gets worse when you are on the plane and cannot release gas. The pressurized air in planes only makes matters worst since it promotes bloating and thus creates a feeling of complete discomfort.

What to eat before flying? Plenty of fluids (mainly water) and perhaps bananas and oranges. And when you are flying back home, Greek yogurt will give you strength without bloating.

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