How to plan the perfect weekend to Ouranoupoli

How to plan the perfect weekend to Ouranoupoli

For the best relaxing vacation in Ouranoupolis Halkidiki Greece, check out our guide for the perfect plan for a weekend.

For the best relaxing vacation in Ouranoupoli, check out our guide for the perfect plan for a weekend.

About Ouranoupoli Halkidiki

Ouranoupoli may be a small town in Greece, but as a town at the third leg of Halkidiki and at the borders with the “Holy Land,” you will undoubtedly have a perfect time. Ouranoupolis is more or less a countryside area. Nevertheless, it still has lively restaurants, cafes, and bars. You can still have a luxurious holiday at fantastic hotels, or if you prefer, an adventurous holiday by camping and becoming one with nature. After all, Ouranoupoli has an incredible coastline and stunning mountainous terrain and offers beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

Planning a trip is always fun. However, it is essential to be sure of what you aspire your holiday to be like. For instance, once some people switch on their holiday mode button, some people simply want to relax and do nothing. Others prefer to go on excursions and explore new places while hiking, biking, or boating and diving. Thus, before you begin your plan, make sure you know what your preferences are.

No matter what mode you want for your trip, a weekend at Ouranoupoli should start with the beach. Most of the beaches in Ouranoupoli are still unspoiled and have stunning views of the Aegean sea. Their crystal-clear azure waters are usually accompanied by soft white sand, beautiful views of Mt Athos, and the thick pine forest.

Food & Accommodation

After a nice dip in the beautiful waters of Ouranoupoli, a delicious local meal is a must. There are excellent restaurants along the area where you can taste authentic Greek cuisine, consisting of fresh fish, seafood, and other dishes that will get your mouth watered. However, I have to say that seafood dishes are a must here since, as a fishing area, you will undoubtedly have delicious fish that may have just been caught served in front of you.

Once you are full from your lunch, take your time and have a relaxing nap at one of Ouranoupolis hotels. Choose between Ouranoupolis Princess, Hotel Konaki, and Hotel Makedonia. They all offer a cozy and comfy time in luxurious rooms that have fantastic views of the beautiful fishing town, the gorgeous beaches, and Mt Athos.


After some needed relaxation, go for a stroll around the town and explore the fantastic traditional Greek architecture. Learn more about the culture and history of Ouranoupoli by visiting the Tower of Ouranoupoli and the Zygou monastery. Enjoy a romantic walk at the beach and marvel at the beautiful colors of the sun mingled with the red hues of the sunset. Then, have a tasty drink at one of Ouranoupolis bars, or have a delicious dinner accompanied by a glass of local wine. Otherwise, enjoy a romantic sunset cruise.

End your weekend with a cruise around the third leg of Halkidiki to marvel at the fantastic nature of Halkidiki and Mt Athos. Learn more about the “Holy Land,” the monastic community of Mt Athos, and swim in crystal-clear azure waters. If you prefer the land rather than the sea, choose one of the various hiking routes near Ouranoupoli, discover new flora and fauna species, and admire fantastic nature views.

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