Why Visit Ouranoupolis Once in Your Lifetime

Why Visit Ouranoupolis Once in Your Lifetime

You meet Ouranoupolis before you reach Mount Athos. This small village in Halkidiki has a dramatic charm that urge you to come back

You meet Ouranoupolis before you reach Mount Athos. This small village in Halkidiki has a dramatic charm and calmness that urge you to come back for more.

Why Visit Ouranoupolis Once in Your Lifetime

Who knows what urges us to return to Ouranoupolis in Halkidiki every year! It might be the peaceful scenery that removes the stress, the clear waters that recharge our batteries, or maybe the dazzling view from the hills which stand as the backdrop of this beautiful village in Halkidiki! Perhaps we’ll never find out what calls us back, but our soul seems to relax every time we do.

Ouranoupolis is full of surprises

Ouranoupolis combines the beauty of the natural environment with the amenities of modern life. Although it boasts of a large number of cafes, tavernas, hotels, guesthouses, stores, and souvenir stands, it also maintains its traditional character.

The Ouranoupoli beach is long but visiting Alykes and Drenia in Ammouliani is a piece of cake too. What’s enchanting is the colors! The green and blue shades of the sea mixed with the green slopes of the hills create a picturesque scenery that is rare to find.

Ouranoupolis is the border to Mount Athos

When you come to Ouranoupolis, you are actually one step away from Mount Athos. It’s the last border before one enters the holy land where the monastic buildings hide among olive trees or stand tall on the top of the hill to be admired by those who take a cruise around the peninsula.

There is no human intervention here, but the wild beauty of the landscape leaves suspicions that the place has been touched by the hand of God.

The natural environment of Ouranoupolis will make you return

What will attract your attention? The Byzantine tower on the beach. It’s only a few feet away from the sea, hosts a museum, and provides a spectacular view from the top balcony.

There are so many places to visit, so many things to see and yet life is so simple here that makes you return to gaze at the sea, visit the islets around Ouranoupolis, hop on boats for daily cruises, admire the dramatic scenery, and remind yourself the role of nature in your peace of mind.

That’s a reason to visit Ouranoupolis at least once in your lifetime.

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