The Great Wines of Mount Athos

The Great Wines of Mount Athos

The wines of Mount Athos are known for their quality and bring to your table thousands of years of heritage in viticulture and winemaking.

The monastic wines of Mount Athos are known for their quality and bring to your table thousands of years of heritage in viticulture and winemaking.

The Great Wines of Mount Athos

Washed by the Greek sun and blessed with a misty environment, the land of Mount Athos has always been ideal for viticulture. And so, the history of winemaking in Mount Athos is long and goes back thousands of years.

The difference is that today all the hard work is done with advanced machines, although viticulture and winemaking keep the monks of Mount Athos very busy. Today, Mount Athos is known as one of the most important wine-producing areas in Greece with excellent varieties.

The wine of Mylopotamos is one of the best of Mount Athos

The Athonite wines are distinguished for their rich aroma and full body aftertaste. The excellent climate made the vineyards fertile and allowed the production of some of the finest Greek wines, with that of Mylopotamos taking the lead. Mylopotamos is the name given to the Holy Cell of St. Efstathios.

The region boasts of its great vineyard and the quality of the local wine thanks to the hard work of the monks too.

The varieties of Mount Athos wines

The wines of Mount Athos are red, white, and pink. The PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) wines produced here are called Agioritikos (i.e., from Mount Athos). The varieties range from Assyrtiko, Limnio, Athiri, and Xinomavro to Cabernet, Sauvignon, and more.

Winemaking has always been a tradition in Mount Athos. When the monks are not fasting, they accompany their food with a glass of wine. And then, wine is used for the Holy Communion. Naturally, all monasteries on the Holy Mountain produce wine, while viticulture and wine production are also the means for survival.

The wines of Mount Athos are rich in flavor & aroma

At one point, most vineyards in Mount Athos were abandoned. Since the 1980s, things have changed drastically. All thanks to the initiative of father Epifanios of Mylopotamos and the intervention of wine producers beyond the borders of the holy land.

Athonite wine production has increased immensely. Once the visitors leave behind Ouranoupolis, they come across the vineyards of Hromitsa, St. Dionysios, St. Paul – just to name a few.

A large number of labels, the great taste, and the numerous varieties all make the wines of Mount Athos a legacy of such a blessed land.


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